Day Without Hate Encourages Empathy

Melody Maendel, Rookie Reporter

In 2007 the Virginia Tech shooting killed 32 people. This shooting called up awareness and anger in the country.

This shooting called up awareness and anger in the country. The Jeffco community created a day with just peace and love to counteract such violence. This day is called Day Without Hate, a day without any pressures and a day to be yourself without any problems. To support this day people all over the community wear white and hold special events.

However, some students at Wheat Ridge were skeptical before this year’s Day Without Hate. Just like freshman Lenny Dunn who said, “Day Without Hate does not matter because people just don’t change.”

But as the days came close to Day Without Hate, posters went up and light came through, helping students come together and feel the love of the day.

On April 27 a lot took place. There was an assembly at Dakota Ridge High School from 6pm-8pm. Walking up to the front of the school with Freshmen, Tori Kenison, the high school’s decorations and uplifting messages on the ground were illuminating. Inside the school, the walls were filled from head to toe with posters. In the gym, every available spot on the bleachers were filled with students. On the stage, a man told stories of when he was in high school and how one kind deed could make a big impact in everyone’s lives. After that came singing, poetry, and rapping which all showed perspective on worldly events. All of these gave off vibe that made you want to get up and cheer and actually go and make a difference in the world.  

To top that off everyone stood up and played a game called “step to the middle”. The questions were about who we are as a person, and every time there was a question and someone stepped to the middle, the people around them clapped and showed support, which you need when playing the game. In the end, we were all so close that everyone hugged each other even though no one knew each other. I ended up hugging a stranger but it was a good experience. It was a good feeling to not have to worry about what anyone thinks of you and to just know that you are loved as you are. I It ended up being all about having fun, dancing, and meeting new people.

After asking around at the assembly about what everyone thinks about Day Without Hate, I ran into a woman named Azure Antoinette, a poetry writer who has a great view on the movement.

“A friend of mine told me he wanted to experience the world  as peace and this friend of mine got me into the poetry business,” she said. “I hope that someday Day Without Hate will be every day and become a way of living and going to school without bad thoughts and actions and choose kindness. Also that this will turn out to be a absolute global level thing.”

The whole experience was a game changer for anyone who showed up. This day spread the love to everyone and made the community remember how loving the world can be. The powerful moments at the event left everyone at the end of the night with a good feeling in their hearts.