NHS Lends a Helping Hand to community

Melody Maendel, Rookie Reporter

Everywhere you go, you see people and organizations changing the world we live in today.

High school is no different.  At Wheat Ridge High School that organization is called National Honors Society (NHS). NHS is an organization in the school that sets an example for the other people in the school. They endure community service and other big projects to help out the community. The four things that NHS promotes to others and themselves are leadership, service, character, and academics.

This year NHS has accomplished many things. The first project started in the fall and was called the box project. It was about supporting the veterans all over the US. NHS raised $2,100 for shipping care packages to veterans in different places. NHS sent 72 care packages full of different goodies and supplies to 30 soldiers in action in Afghanistan. Each person got their own box full of supplies of things that they like, for example one man received a soccer ball. The women also got things like shaving cream and other feminine products. They also got general boxes with things from snacks to sport items.

They also sent five boxes full of clothing to homeless veterans in Denver. They sent five boxes full of puzzles and other games to veterans in Texas for soldiers with PTSD so they could take their minds off of what they have done and seen. Finally NHS sent three boxes with coloring books, markers, and crayons to a Denver VA hospital. This was their main event.

This spring NHS made red, white, and blue pins for memorials and funerals honoring veterans.

Current NHS president Jacqueline Pedlow has many more hopes and expectations for the future. “I hope for more large scale projects that foster us working together because it gets us so much farther, we can accomplish so much more.”

NHS has had an extraordinary year and will continue this into the future.