After Prom

Savannah Spaulding, Rookie Reporter

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Prom is a great night for students to enjoy time with their friends or significant other with music and food to strengthen the joy; on top of this is another part of the night called After Prom, which is when the real fun starts.

Christina Noel, a clinic aid at Wheat Ridge High School, is in charge of after prom and encourages students to attend each year: “If you can’t go or decide not to go to prom why not go to after prom?” She was exactly right. My boyfriend Noah Rothermel, junior  and I went with our friend junior, Arlette Lopez-Serta and it was a fun experience. I was so happy to see how it turned out and I’m glad I got to experience it with my closest friends.

There were movies,food, casino games, a bounce house, and a race where you hopped into a ball and had to defeat your friend. They even had raffles and you could win some pretty cool stuff. Arlette won a pretty cool movie date basket and Noah won a free parking pass.

On a personal note, it was great being with my friends and laughing and making new memories. I mean, who said you’re “too old” to jump into a bouncy house? Arlette and I hopped into it and felt like little kids again. Not only, that we raced each other in the inflatable ball and I loved every single moment of it. We stayed at after prom until basically everybody left, and it was a blast. All together, Noel and all the parents who helped went all-out for After Prom making it the perfect fun time after a great dance.