Work Force

Savannah Spaulding, Staff Writer

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Going to college after high school seems ideal for most students but for others the workforce catches their eye.

Multiple schools – mine included – have what’s called “Career Exploration” which focuses on preparing students for the workforce by actually sending them out into the working-world to get a first hand experience on what some are interested in doing. I personally find this amazing and think it is a great experience because kids can see what they really want and even get an internship with the possibility of a job if they do good with the internship.

After high school, I plan to go to the Coast Guard because it caught my eye and with them I know that I’ll be able to have multiple opportunities. In my opinion, I’d rather be in the service and be able to go to college with them paying for it instead of having to go to college and work my butt off to pay for it as I go. Plus, I could travel with work and experience so much. Although you can get offered a scholarship, you have to keep your grades at the highest to even stay there but if that’s not a hard thing to do then go to college.

Personally, I believe that going into an area of the service would be great because they provide college or just getting into a type of job that’ll be steady that you can make money with. The workforce brings great opportunities but so does college. Getting involved with the workforce after high school has the possibility of bringing prosperity, stability, and opportunities for the future. Don’t chase a job for the money, chase the job for what you enjoy doing and what you’d be happy doing.