First-ever Farmer’s Boys Volleyball Bumps, Sets, Spikes


photo by Nevaeh Valtierra

The volleyball team discusses the game on April 26.

Nevaeh Valtierra , Features Editor

Wheat Ridge formed a boys volleyball team this year with the help of senior Joe Whitney.

Coaching the team was Karen Salazar and her husband and school security guard Tommy Salazar. This season was their first. It was a rough season for them, but was definitely a learning experience filled with good efforts.

On April 26 the Farmers played against D’Evelyn and Boulder High School for their last tournament of the season. The Farmers unfortunately lost the first two games against each school. However, this season was their first time playing as a team.
“I think we did pretty good, I did pretty good. We could have done better when it came to working as a team. I do plan on playing next year in hopes of more fun and improvement,” said sophomore Esias Hernandez.

“They gave a good effort, there were some really good teams,” said coach Tommy Salazar. When asked what he thinks the team could work on he replied with, “Patience, they would get down on each other a lot, it got to a point where they weren’t having as much fun as we wanted them to.”

Whether the Salazars are going to coach again next year is still debatable since it’s not a CHASSA sport, it’s a club sport. “It’s a big commitment, even as a club, because we were driving all over the place… It’s up in the air right now,” said coach Tommy Salazar.

Hopefully we will see another boys volleyball team next year!