New 2018 Sony Aibo


Courtesy of Discover Japan.

Lendsy Barriga, Staff Writer

As years, decades, and centuries fly by, we are experiencing great technological developments. One example would be the new 2018 Sony Aibo that is going to be available in the U.S. in the upcoming months.

The Aibo is a light gray robotic dog that actually looks like a real dog and can move similar to one. It has been rated very well because it previously launched in Japan at the beginning of the year, so owners widely shared their opinions about their experience with the dog. It can sense and recognize people which means it can create a stronger bond with a person who is closer to the dog by petting or playing with it’s toys.

According to Sony, this dog’s artificial intelligence will develop over time which will affect its identity shape. Although Aibo is quite costly (ranging from $2,900 to $3,000 dollars), it’s a great pet for people who are allergic to dogs or just think it’s too much of a responsibility to have one. Aibo has a unique array of movements and you can teach it to do certain tricks. Even when you travel, you can carry the Aibo wherever you need without any problems because it is relatively small. This special dog can also take pictures when you desire and if you have the Aibo app, you can view the pictures as well as browse through the different memories you have created together. In the package, when you initially buy the dog, comes a small pink ball, paw pads, an “aibone” and a dog tag.

This bundle was specifically made for the U.S. and is available for a limited time only. Artificial intelligence has developed fairly quickly, and if you’re interested in this dog robot, get ready because it’s launching within months!