Homecoming takes on the Beach


Zoey Terry, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again, and the school is filled with Farmer spirit.

From pep rallies, spirit days, tiki barbecues, to the powder puff game, and of course Friday night lights; our boys’ Homecoming football game. With our first-ever-beach themed dance, everyone was ready to dance the night away.

With our spirit days as fashion disaster, beach day, hippy day, jersey day, and farmer day, out of all my years here at Wheat Ridge High School, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much spirit, from insanely unmatched and ugly clothes to outstanding farmer pride. It was a week unlike any other, filled with class feuds, fun memories, and good feelings.

Winning our Homecoming game 55-24 against Centaurus, our student section out of this world, and our Farmer pride making the stadium roar, the weekend turned out to be better than ever. Although not everyone was a fan of the dancing Saturday night, everyone was more happy about getting dressed up, taking pictures, and being with their closest friends all night long.

The boys dressed in their fancy colorful suits and the girls wore their sparkly designed dresses. Beach balls were being thrown into the crowd, yet with not such amazing music, everyone danced and made the best of the night anyway. Our night may have been filled with being yelled at for throwing water or dancing too ugly,  but by the end of the night, with tired legs and sore feet, laughs were still made and the farmer love stayed alive.