Wheat Ridge High School Welcomes Norwegian Exchange Student

Julles Marquez, Social Media Editor

Sarah Anthun, a 17-year-old foreign exchange student from Norway, will be spending the entirety of her Junior year at Wheat Ridge High School and is thoroughly enjoying her experience in America.

Despite Anthun being surprised by the abounding amount of students that are currently attending Wheat Ridge High School when compared to her school in Norway, she immensely loves the change in her environment and feels she is learning many new and valuable information from her engaging teachers and peers.

Anthun’s diversions consist of playing soccer, traveling, meeting new people, and listening to music. The largest achievement that she has poured the most effort and dedication into is soccer, a sport that Anthun has played for nearly a decade. Other than those singular interests, Anthun loves to immerse herself in new activities that circulate around her academic life and opportunities that have the ability to enhance her future. Along with being a spontaneous individual with a wide array of interests, she loves her dog and enjoys all types of different foods, especially tacos.

Regarding her future, Anthun hopes to pursue a profession that specializes in traveling and exploration. Vexed by the thought of having only one job and following a routine, Anthun hopes to experience new people and new places. She aims to reside in the U.S. in the future, specifically to live in New York in order to work for Vogue. The idea of travel and experience are tremendously pertinent topics for Anthun that she aspires to follow.

The cultural differences and similarities between Norway and America are things that Anthun has taken into account heavily. To elaborate, one similarity or subject remaining consistent between the two places is the music. Anthun has stated that American music is a prominent source of entertainment in Norway and that many artists back at her home compose both Norwegian and American music. This fact alone is a reason why she enjoys listening to music.

Although Anthun’s stay in Colorado and at Wheat Ridge High School  for the school year is temporary, she vows to include America in her future and hopes to make her stay as memorable and enjoyable as possible.  Anthun plans to make this year an interesting one while she continuously pursues new friendships with her surrounding peers and to formulate opportunities for herself that will contribute to her future greatly.