Amendment 73, 5A, and 5B Making Way to Voters Ballots in 2018


Joey Huckaby

Teachers cars support the ballot measure.

Joey Huckaby, Staff Writer

At the Jeffco Board of Education meeting on August 23 the members agreed that they want to put a new Mill and Bond on the 2018 ballot.

The Mill being 5A, and the Bond being 5B. 5A and 5B will bring needed money to fix Jeffco’s Schools’ crumbling infrastructure. The bond will ask taxpayers for a $600 million dollar check. That is $30 million more than the bond that failed to pass in 2016.

5A and 5B would fix Jeffco properties, most are over 50 years old. Within the mill and bond teachers would also get a raise. The teachers who spoke to the board want enough pay so they do not have to work second jobs. If the bond is passed then our school will see basic infrastructure such as remodeling the interior, updating technology, and replacing our bathrooms.  

Out of all the Wheat Ridge area schools WRHS has the biggest need for this bond along with Wilmore-Davis Elementary according to the school district. Some of the more serious issues at Wheat Ridge are flooding during rain storm, leaks in the roof, and problems with the plumbing.

Jeffco teachers have been organizing their efforts this past week. Many have met off-site (Crown Hill) to paint their car windows with slogans supporting Amendment 73, 5A, and 5B.

Teachers are especially active in supporting this year’s mill and bond because in 2016 the last time this issue was brought up, Jeffco voters killed the proposal, while surrounding districts like Denver and Cherry Creek had bonds passed. Since these surrounding districts were able to raise teachers’ base pay, Jeffco has had a hard time keeping new teachers in the district.

A majority of teachers at Wheat Ridge said if 5A and 5B pass, they hope to see better pay, more money for each department, a new east wing of the school, new carpet and supplies to teach students efficiently.  

According to the Columbine Courier all the facts point in favor of the 2018 Mill and Bond override passing for Jefferson County Public Schools.