The Truth About The Predator


Ecko Eddy, Rookie Reporter

Be wary of The Predator, because it is definitely an acquired taste of film.

The Predator being the newest installment of the Predator series) was about the species being stronger due to genetically changing their DNA from other species, and they are accidentally summoned to come back to the Earth. The way they are summoned is a little boy opens a box that has ancient predator gear and doing so activates a ship that follows the beacon back to Earth. This being a rated R film is sort of a let down compared to the rest of the series.

The director of the film actually has a quite interesting back story. In the 1987 version of the film he was a cast member and was killed off in the film. The director is Shane Black and has been through almost all of the series. Brian Prince was cast as Predator you may know him from Black Panther, Captain America and The Walking Dead.

Features of the film that I liked is that the comedy, which is quite good, giving a pretty decent laugh. Plus, it’s got some great action scenes yet. Although I enjoyed the comedy and the action, The Predator is actually pretty cheesy, so it really limits the audience it attracts. I enjoyed the film a lot, but that may be because I have enjoyed the rest of the series.

The film was visually lackluster; some of the special effects were rather weak. With their $88 million budget, they could have done a lot more with the film. Plus, even though I enjoyed the film’s comedy, it sometimes felt like too much at times. The suit for the predator looked very good, but the way he phased through made the air and the background feel kind of bumpy and like it may have been messed with. I wouldn’t say that it was made lazily but just may have been rushed. However, the two hours it ran were jam packed.

Overall, I enjoyed The Predator and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys weird comedy and some cheesy action. Predator was a good film but I feel like it didn’t harness its true potential.