Powder Puff Game

Instead of the boys play football its the girls turn. Powder puff Game

Instead of the boys play football its the girls turn. Powder puff Game

Melody Maendel, Staff writer

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Each year at Wheat Ridge High School when homecoming is approaching, the junior and senior girls get to participate in a game of flag football during lunch.

The junior girls play against the senior girls in this match. This event is called the Powder Puff game. On Thursday Sept, 20, the Powder Puff game went on during lunch on Thursday.
The girls on each team even had their own outfits so people would know who is who, the seniors in black and the juniors in tie-dye. Even though the game is flag football, one of the juniors Eve Gidlund who played in the game said “that the seniors played a bit rough and cheated in some areas by being too aggressive but that it was still fair game”. However, the game started at the beginning of lunch on Thursday, and the girls were ready and prepared.
Knowing that this game means a lot to the school and the school’s spirit, the girls practiced with their teams ahead of time. They each had a couple of practices beforehand and found places that each team could practice and have an advantage during the game. Even after school people found that both teams found small groups within their team and used every resource that they had, including football players from the Wheat Ridge team to practice with them.
On the day of the game, each team had great skills and techniques to use during the game. Even though the juniors played hard, the seniors took charge leaving the end of the game 14-0 as the final score. The seniors scored two touchdowns and left the juniors in the dust. That said, this did not stop the juniors from trying and playing the best they could; it just gave them more motivation to push through. The game was supported by the other students to cheer each team on. The WRHS football team became the junior and senior girl’s personal cheerleaders for the day. In the end, both teams did a great job, and we can’t wait for next year’s match of the Powder Puff Game.