Vaping is Not Safe like You Think

Courtesy of Women's Health Mag

Justice VanDyke, Rookie Reporter

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Recently, many teenagers are vaping and they believe and say that it’s harmless.

Well, they are wrong. E-cigarettes have a cartridge that contains vegetable glycerin use and polyethylene glycol, as well as flavoring and nicotine. When triggered, a sensor triggers a vaporizer to heat a small portion of the liquid and then turns that liquid into a vapor, which is then drawn to the users mouth. It does not burn the liquid like a “hookah,” which burns a mixture of tobacco and molasses.

Most people claim that e-cigarettes are better than smoking cigarettes. However, in many ways, this is not true. A JUUL contains nicotine, and it has the equivalent amount as a whole pack of cigarettes according to JUUL themselves. Nicotine is a very addictive chemical, and not only that, it also as a very harmful chemical. It can give you many medical problems including lung cancer and heart disease. It also can affect a developing teenage brain. Vaping can also get someone to start smoking cigarettes because it leads to nicotine addiction.

There are some side effects that can be caused by vaping. Low amounts of vaping include nausea, vomiting, eye irritation, and abdominal pain, while high amounts can cause, seizures, comas, and high blood pressure. Other side effects that vaping can cause include shortness of breath, trouble breathing, wheezing, and a dry cough. One of the chemicals that was found in vape juice, nitrosamines, is also linked to cancer.

Vaping can also cause popcorn lungs, or bronchiolitis obliterans. Popcorn lungs is damage to your lungs smallest airways and can make it hard to breathe and cause coughing. It’s often caused by toxins and drugs. Although, in most cases, the causes are unknown, according to Mayo Clinic.

Vaping is bad for anyone, especially young adults because it can effect them more than it could an adult. It contains way more nicotine than one cigarette does, and it also can get some started on smoking cigarettes. People shouldn’t believe that vaping is safer than cigarettes, because it can still hurt people’s lungs, brain, and effect the developing teenager.