Companies Rising to the Top

Ecko Eddy, Rookie Reporter

Recently there has been a large increase of corporate buyouts happening, especially as companies are obtaining more money as compared to the past where investments were small with small gains.

Some of these companies have made multiple purchases in one year. Examples of this would be Microsoft, Disney, Amazon and Apple. These are well-known companies, but they are not the only ones making purchases as many smaller companies are making some as well. Not every purchase is buying the entire company but some may be stock purchases just helping them out. These could be called partnering purchases and eventually they will give rights back.

Microsoft has made 64 company purchases and in total have made investments in 216 different corporations. Their average is about 6 companies per year, and it will only increase as they become a larger company with more money. One of their recent offers was $7.5 billion to purchase GitHub. The offer went through, and GitHub will become a part of Microsoft at the end of this calendar year. However, these aren’t the only mainstream companies that are making investments all the time.

Another company that is making lots of investments is Amazon; they have invested in a rough total of 128 different companies. In late 2017, the money spent on mergers and buyouts for Amazon was $22.6 billion, and this is only increasing as they invest more money into more companies.

In the movie business, Disney has one of the largest sets of film titles. This is because they have purchased many types of companies including; ABC, ESPN, Touchstone Pictures, Marvel, Lucasfilm, A&E, The History Channel, Lifetime, Pixar, Hollywood Records, Vice Media and Core Publishing. This is mainly because they, from the beginning, are one of the largest movie production corporations. They are now trying to purchase part of Fox, but buying the full company is actually illegal, which prevents them from becoming a monopoly.

At this point, certain companies are making the majority of purchases, and this will either stay a constant or other companies will take over. There is always a company working on purchasing another and usually for large amounts of money. There is only time before another company climbs its way to the top.