Are You Ready to Fill Out that Ballot?


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Vote this election or register so you’re ready next year!

Nevaeh Valtierra, Editor-in-Chief

Elections are coming this November 6.

The deadline to register online or by mail is Oct. 9. If you still need to register to vote then click here:

Here are the basics of some notable proposals and information about candidates. Amendment 73 is one you want to know about. This Amendment, if passed, will increase funding for preschool through 12 grade public education. The way they would do this is by raising the state individual income tax rate for taxpayers with taxable income over $150,000 per year and increase the state corporate income tax rate to six percent to provide additional funding for education.

Amendment A is the proposal to remove language from the Colorado Constitution that currently allows slavery and involuntary servitude to be used as punishment for the conviction of a crime. But wait the 13th Amendment prohibits slavery, right? No, the 13th Amendment prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude except as punishment for a crime for which a person has been convicted. This proposal just wants clarification that it is prohibited in all circumstances. The 13th Amendment has created many problems for people within the criminal justice system, allowing for the occurence of prison labor. Although prisons are congratulated for providing work for prisoners for skill-learning and work experience they aren’t always paid. Not paying prisoners for their labor makes it difficult for them to go back to society after prison without any money.

Proposition 111 aims to reduce the total cost for a payday loan to a 36% annual percentage rate and expand what constitutes unfair or deceptive trade practices for payday lending. In 2016 about 207,000 individuals in Colorado got over 414,000 payday loans, which added up to be over $166 million. These individuals paid an estimated $50 million in fees and interest. Currently the annual percentage rate–the total amount that is paid after taking out a loan that includes the interest on the loan amount, fees, and the loan amount– is actually putting those who take out a loan in serious debt.

Those running for governor are Jared Polis, Democrat; Walker Stapleton, Republican; Scott Helker, Libertarian; and Bill Hammons, Unity Party of Colorado. Running for Attorney General are Phil Weiser, Democrat; George Brauchler, Republican; and William F. Robinson, Libertarian. Running for Secretary of State are Wayne Williams, Republican; Jena Grisworld, Democrat; and Blake Huber, Approval Voting Party. Running for Treasurer is Brian Watson, Republican and Dave Young, Democrat.
For more information about these candidates and proposals go here: