Sick of Safeway, Cooped up in King’s?


Joey Huckaby, Staff Writer

Dear King Soopers and Safeway Shoppers,

Something I don’t understand is why in the world do people shop at King Soopers or Safeway. Both stores are a complete waste of people’s money. Everything is priced higher and you don’t even get the same amount of goods you can get at Sam’s Club or Costco.
Another problem I have with Safeway and Kings is that you run into a bunch of annoying people that you don’t want to see from your past. I swear every time I go to Kings to get something that my mom forgot for dinner I’m in my PJ’s smelling like I just got out of some trash truck. I see some lady from my past that I don’t want to talk to. Yet that lady finds a ways to talk to me. The problem is that it is a boring conversation. Being a senior in high school the only thing old people can talk to me about is college. I usually just make up a lie about the college I want to go to. Some days I’m going to Red Rocks; the other days I’m going to Harvard. Yet in reality, I just want to get those stupid mashed potatoes my mom forgot to buy at Sam’s.

At Sam’s Club you can get quality items in bulk for less. You will always have to use toilet paper, so why buy it for more money at Kings? That theory ges for everything else. From apples, chips, meat, and everything in between. You will be using and consuming all those goods until the day you die. So the simple solution is to buy it in bulk for less!

Some people may argue with me and say being a single person all the food you buy from Sams will go bad by the time you use it. Well, my answer to them is that if you knew how to properly manage your food, then you can use all the food before it goes bad.

So in the end, I urge everyone who is stuck in their ways of shopping at expensive grocery store to reconsider and use your hard earned money on stores that will help you stretch a penny.

(Not endorsed or funded by Costco or Sam’s Club)