The Card Game Club

Joshua Bailey, Rookie Reporter

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Ready to Duel!?

The card game club is a group of people willing to meet every Wednesday and do something that not very many folks do anymore. They play card games.
Many of the common comers are well versed in the most popular game played, Magic the Gathering. Which is a complex card game that goes much deeper than a new or uninitiated player would expect. From spells that last until broken, to instantaneous summoning of Goliath, Magic is a card game well worth their time and it’s the most played game there. So if you’re looking for some people to teach you, or to battle, in Magic the Gathering, this is your spot.
However, don’t be discouraged if you don’t play magic. The Card game Club welcomes any new games. From Risk to Yu-Gi-Oh to Digimon. And don’t be afraid of not being welcome, the Card Game Club is always looking for new people to join in the fun.
The Card Game Club is used for playing games with friends who you can’t often talk to outside of school. Some people may live far enough from school that connecting and having fun isn’t an option for friends made at school. And any after-school activities make for a great solution!
One of the biggest no-go’s in the club however, is no gambling, for a good reason. Otherwise, there aren’t restrictions on what you play or how you play it. If you feel somebody is being unfair, talk about it. The Card Game Club is here for fun and enjoyment, not for bickering and taking the game seriously.
In short, the Card Game Club is enjoyable, and if you enjoy card games, or willing to try, head on in, as they meet every Wednesday from 3-4 after school.