The Senior Whine at it Again


Photo by Joey Huckaby

Wheat Ridge High parking lot.

Joey Huckaby, Staff Writer

When I started at Wheat Ridge the parking situation was simple.

Underclassmen who could drive either had to park in the Free Lot, on Holland St. or on 32nd Avenue. They could not get a pass until second semester. Juniors parked behind the school or in the front lot, while seniors could park wherever they wanted but mainly congregated near west lot near 32nd.

Then our lovely district decided to make a rule that only staff could park in the designated junior lot, and all students must park in the front and use the front doors. Well, this, of course, made everyone think regardless if they have a pass that they can park their car in the front.

The worst part about everyone parking in the front is that those of us who do pay the fee for parking passes oftentimes have to park way in the back or on the street because there are no parking spots available.

This is such an inconvenience that I have to walk all the way through the seagull thunderbucket, and then, when I do finally make it close to the front, I see a bunch of cars parked in the handicap parking spots! The kids walking out of these cars are young and obviously in better shape than I am, but yet they are entitled to park in the handicap spots without any handicap stickers? Poor Aunt Berta who has to pick up her sick Johnny is going to have to circle the honey bucket a couple times to find a spot to park.

It’s not like everyone who doesn’t have a pass has to park far away and walk up a hill both ways. There are plenty of options… park in the free lot! Better yet, buy a parking pass. All the tickets you will get would probably pay for a pass five times over. Yet I don’t make the big bucks, so my opinion doesn’t matter. Now that half of you are mad at me and half of you agree with me, my final thing to say is can we all agree that those seagulls should be tardy checked like we all are?