Why Should You Own a Pet


8 year old red-eared slider turtle.

Lendsy Barriga, Design Editor

Owning a pet takes a lot of responsibility and can be time consuming, but there are many benefits that can improve your overall health and can make you become a happier person.

First and foremost, most pets are obviously not going to last your whole life time, but the time you spend with your lovely companion can be enough to make you a more caring and enjoyable person. They can improve your mood and your temperament which can make it easier for you to form new relationships. If you think about it, pets don’t ask for anything in return but love and dedication. You can take an hour of your day to sit down and cuddle with your best friend if you ever feel sad or lonely because they are very loyal to their owners.

Additionally, many pets require you to take them for a walk which can help you get some fresh air and do exercise. These walks can increase both bone and heart strength within a short amount of time. Doesn’t matter whether you walk, jog, or bike alongside them, your companion will be happy to spend time outdoors with you. This activity gets you off the couch, am I right?

Moreover, pets can help you fight off allergies when you are young. When you aren’t exposed to different microbes, your immune system doesn’t get any stronger because it’s not attacking anything. Once your immune system picks up the different microbes, they can protect you against allergies in the future.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a dog, a cat, a bird or a turtle, these fellow companions can help you reduce stress and anxiety levels. Cleaning their habitat or their messes might be quite the challenge, but you can plan a healthy and productive routine!