Swipe Right into your Next Relationship

Yamilex Venzor, Staff Writer


Technology has been incorporated into every part of our lives.

Schools have made education easier and accessible to millions of people through online classes. Businesses rely on technology to manage their operations. Most importantly, relationships have radically changed since we have started to rely on technology to communicate with others.

Apps such as Tinder and Omegle have changed the way we connect with others. Finding international friends or seeking romance through the web has never been easier. Websites and other tools allow us to communicate with large groups of people. Friendships formed over common interests have become quite ordinary, and there are even servers for Dungeons and Dragons fans.

Although technology has allowed for these relationships to be formed, it also allows people to avoid responsibility within them. Ghosting allows for someone to distance themselves from a significant other without any sort of explanation. While some argue that ghosting allows people to leave toxic relationships, others agree that more often than not it’s an excuse to avoid responsibility. Forming a relationship with someone only for it to end abruptly is a cruel way to end things.

Technology can also be invasive and create jealousy in relationships. People are encouraged to post every little moment online and create an online persona. Snapchat stories, Instagram stories, Facebook statuses and Twitter updates causes others to get caught up in minor conflicts such as focusing too much on what others think and obsessing over creating a perfect profile.

One of the best examples of technology and relationships is the iconic TBH post. The “to be honest” post is usually seen on Facebook and allows people to confess thoughts and feelings to the original poster. There are certain connotations with people who are in relationships liking these certain posts’. Another example is swiping up on someone else’s Snapchat story when you are in a relationship. These new rules seem ridiculous but in the 1950’s relationships were just as strange. Men were always supposed to make the first move. Women could never be late and men had to have parents approval. In the 1930’s, women were told not to chew gum or even cry in front of men. Relationships have always been complicated and mixed with strange etiquette.   

Technology is just another social cue we have learned to adopt into relationships. Maybe in a few years it will be normal to know someone online before you know them in person, maybe in a few years your significant other will have to befriend your parents first on Facebook before taking you out.