Are Natural Disasters Natural?


What looks like a laser striking a part of California

Staff Writer

Last year California was devastated with an outbreak of various wildfires that lasted for months.

These fires killed an estimated 98 civilians and six firefighters. Although many are now trying to pick up the pieces that this fire left, there are also many that speculate exactly how such a devastating and big fire could spread through different areas of the state. Conspiracy theorists wonder if this was an attempt by the government to bring down the population number, if it started by people burning down their houses on purpose to collect insurance money, or if it was caused by the governments directed energy weapons.

The population in America is currently 325.7 million. As this number grows so does the poverty rate, environmental destruction, and political stability which raises many red flags for the government. Human population planning isn’t something new nor is it something that isn’t already being done in other countries or been already done in the United States. China is already depopulating and has been depopulating its country for many years with restrictions on how many kids their citizens can have and their “low population policy.” This leads us to the California fires. If the amount of people that live here is affecting how many people are poor in the country it ends up affecting the economy and leads to a financial crisis for the government to fix. It would then seem like an option to start a fire in one of their biggest states to “fix” their population “problem.”

Another theory is that people collect insurance money by burning down their own house and saying it was an oven fire or caused by their fireplace. Although this isn’t too rare and there are many reports of people claiming this, when you get a mass amount of houses burning down in such a big fire like this, it is impossible to investigate all the houses and figure out if the fire was started itself or by the homeowner, which means many people are receiving a big paycheck from a fire. Therefore, this fire could have just been a harmless fire that turned into a mass fire, or could have even meant to be a mass fire so it couldn’t be investigated.

The last theory is something called directed energy weapons, also known as DEW’S which are basically a laser that can be directed at certain objects. These are already a thing in the government, built for shooting down enemy missiles, aircraft, and satellites but they are in “Infancy” which is just an umbrella term for the government that means it’s still being in the process of being tested and built. This theory is the most popular theory because of how weird it is that houses and specific buildings were burnt down. The surroundings were completely untouched, and it may have seemed like the fire destroyed houses in a row, skipped a house and then burned down the house next to it. This seems logical that a directed energy could have only burnt down specific things. It also makes it weird that there was absolutely nothing left of the houses, no material from the houses, only maybe a couple of poles and that’s it. There were 14 different fires spread out from each other in such a wide area that it makes it seem almost impossible that this was just a wildfire, or that a wildfire could cause all this destruction.

These three theories are believed by many but at the end of the day they are just theories and it is up to you to believe them or not. Whether the California fires were an act by the government or just simply a wildfire it was a devastating fire that took many innocent lives and destroyed many peoples homes and belongings.