Freezing Temperatures an for a Landing


Nancy Drescher

People taking a hit from all the temperatures

Melody Maendel, Staff writer

Most of the U.S. population knows about climate change and how it is affecting the world’s climate to a certain point.

But since the first of February freezing temperatures have been sweeping the nation, leaving drastic affects. This cold has brought a lot of attention to problems that we already deal with, but much worse.

In Chicago, the temperature is getting even colder than Antarctica. On Thursday, February 7th, Chicago had a high of -13 and a low of -24 degrees Fahrenheit. While Antarctica’s temperatures are between -1 and -7 degrees.

Along with the cold there has been a reported 16 deaths due to this weather. These deaths have included some homeless people. Doctors in Chicago have already treated 50 people for frostbite in the last week, some of these have even lost an arm or a leg.

Moreover, slippery roads are resulting in car crashes which are causing deaths. In Minnesota 6,000 flights have been canceled and 4,010 of those cancellations have been in the last three days.

The cold has made it even harder for firefighters to do their job. There was a house fire in Indiana where it was below – 22. With such low temperatures because of the ice. Firemen were slipping on and injuring themselves. A citizen watching from her house stated that they all looked like snowmen running around covered in ice. Along with that it took over an hour to put out the house fire and just any fire in general.

It has gotten so bad that people in other states have to go to extreme measure to stay warm while doing their jobs. In Chicago and other places they have been setting fire to the railroad tracks to keep from freezing while doing their job. On that note the railroad tracks are also getting damaged and having defects not by the fire but because the metal is shrinking and not being in the right place.

In some places like Washington DC, there are winds up to 50 miles per  hour with blizzards like snow. In the next week temperatures are expected to go off the charts. At this point the cold can reach anywhere, even Colorado.  It’s winter in the United States to an extreme point.