E-sports is taking over?



Ecko Eddy, Rookie Reporter

E-sports season is just beginning with multiple leagues undergoing some of their first matches of the season.

The leagues that have started are Rainbow Six Siege and League of Legends, two of the biggest games in the e-sports scene. Other titles that are here but haven’t started yet are DOTA 2, Counterstrike Global Offensive, Rocket League and many more. These tournaments come with tons of money as a final prize and the best game play you can find. They have tournaments all over the world and even have an all-star match. This is the future of gaming.

League of Legends is the largest game here. It’s played all over the world with player base around 32.5 million total signed up players. This plays a huge role in the e-sports scene, with its huge fan base making it one of the easiest games to advertise. You notice that a lot of ads you see is involve this game because they have the marketing to do so. So how will this affect gaming in the future? Well, it’ll do it, because as long as there is advertising and huge cash payouts, it will bring interest and more eyes to the gaming community, thus further further producing profit towards the company making an infinite loop.

When League of Legends falls off, another game starts coming up. A perfect example of this is CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive), this game, for the longest time, was number one in e-sports. Then the game began to lose popularity and League of Legends took over, creating a larger player base.

As some games rise other games will fall, and one of the biggest games to look out for is Apex Legends, which got ten million players within 72 hours of launch. This game has a future and a big one. This could really hurt Fortnite within its market and can even hurt games from other types.

Rainbow Six Siege is another game that was mentioned its still a large game but not as big as the others. This is important because it is still seen by a variety of people and are usually people coming from another game because its more suited to their play style. This still has a huge competitive aspect and adds variety to e-sports and will lead to other games getting some of the spotlight.

E-sports is important because it helps expand companies and even brings more people to play videogames. It shows that games are for fun but also have a competitive twist. Competition can bring all sorts of players, from ones who aren’t good to really good players leading to a continuous growth.