United food and commercial workers…un-united?!

United food and commercial workers...un-united?!

Joshua Bailey, Rookie Reporter

The UFCW Union (United Food and Commercial Workers) has come to its fourth and hopefully final compromise on the negotiations on the state of the Union and company state.

The two have been at odds since last year about whether employees should be protected when travelling home from domestic and civil abuse. This is definitely the largest and most blatant issue that the Union has with the company. However, many other changes are taking place. Including the suggestion from the union to give CC (Courtesy Clerks) Sunday pay, and extending that Sunday pay to Saturday. On the topic of pay, the Union also proposed increasing evening pay from 10pm to 6am, and to include CC’s. The Union also suggests a new evening premium of $2.00 between 4pm and 6pm.

The company however, while having addressed this, have not stated the changes stated will take affect. The company also neglects to answer whether they will protect employees in the event of technological changes.

The company is working on further modifications such as; The company is working on further modifications such as; ending daily overtime, taking away union protection from Department Managers, removing Sunday premium altogether, and allowing management to schedule employees under 20 hours, impacting wage.
All of this contributes to undeniable rising strike by the Union, and the obvious disregard of their employees. However, the Union cannot prevent the company from opening stores in un-unionized areas.

Despite earning nearly three billion dollars last year, they still acknowledge themselves as a competitive company that provides an alluring and stable position.