Pay For Printing

Jordan Gustavus, Rookie Reporter

Here at Wheat Ridge we have started using a new printing system and since we all know that a new system can be confusing.

To help Librarian Debbie Livingston answered some of the biggest questions. The most important question that most people have is just how to print in general. To start, you’ll need to find out your “Card ID,” This will not be the same as your school ID. To find it you’ll need to open “Papercut” which is an icon on your desktop. After gathering this information, you’ll go to the document you want to select the “konicabizhub” and send it. From there you’ll go the printer and enter your information, once logged in, you’ll press the release button, select your document, and press the start button. Once you are done with that, make sure you log out because the computer doesn’t automatically do that for you.

Since printing does now cost money, the question of how much it will cost and how to add money to your account comes up. The printing currently cost 2.3 cents per page, which isn’t a lot considering most other places charge 10-20 cents per page. If you end up running out of money, you can go visit the financial office to add more funds to your account. The new printing may seem complicated, but it shouldn’t be something that deters you from printing.