Foldable phones: What’s Coming and Should You Get One?

Leo Humphrey, Rookie

      Fold able phones have been the talk of 2019, and Motorola has already been in development of one and many are saying they are hyped for what is to come.

Samsung has been working on a fold able 4k TV that rolls into a box when it’s off.  Technology is evolving every day making our everyday lives even easier.

     The most recent of these phones is the Galaxy Fold. this is a 3 in 1 combo and is worth $1,050 on release, the price may vary on passage of time. The current release date is unknown at this time. It will be able to transform into the following: Tablet, Phone, and a dedicated video game mode Looking similar to the Nintendo 3DS.

     The next fold-able device will be manufactured by LG making a phone that turns into a mini computer with a keyboard and extra screen attached. A large  showcase held by a company you know as Samsung where all new phones/and Television manufactured an produced by Samsung and LG of 2019 will be presented and reviewed. This years tech showcase will be solely focused on fold-able technology. This time is planned to be a very big year for mobile technology.

    The community for new technology grows everyday and raises even more questions for what we can do and where technologies limit stands. This step to Fold able technology can bring very helpful for compact tech such as self defense and maybe transportation. The future for mobile tech is bright and large.