First Rule Of Fight Club


fighting like no other in this kick in detention fight club

Melody Maendel, Staff writer

“Fight till you can’t stand no more, that is what makes this fun,”

This quote comes from the heart of Toni Budoff,  science teacher at Wheat Ridge High School, when talking about the now permanent detention students now have to stay in detention until 7:00 P.M. everyday.

“Parent’s fan mail comes in everyday, and I just love reading the letters,” commented Lance Austin, the social studies teacher.

When interviewing the crying mess of a student, Sophomore Antonio Delara covered in bruises, he seemed to say “It’s not fair. I could have won if I just put in a little more effort.” Confused on what Delara was mentioning I went straight to Mr. Austin. It turns out that there is a secret detention fight club that has started up.

This fight club is not just any fight club, no, this one is the pride and joy of Austin’s, Budoff’s, and the kid’s day. The students just love to get beat up by each other and bet on by the two teachers everyday after school.

Some of the students have very surprising talents especially the now king of the fight club, Isaac Fernald. When he is not winning fights he sits in the corner of the room on the couch of victory sipping on pumpkin juice.

When talking to some other students in the fight club sophomores Bella Pena and Hunter Anderson have quite a bit to say, “College doesn’t not matter anymore, my true dream is beating Isacc, so I can have that smelly, old couch all to myself. Also to get the extra five points in the grade book for every ten times I win” said Pena.

Anderson agrees with her 100 percent. “This fight club means everything to me and now it is time to step up my game by actually studying, even though it does not help the game whatsoever. Now when thinking about the weak person I used to be, I laugh because I am now a fragile little butterfly who has now spread my wings. I have a chance to make a difference in this school that could have never been before.”  Said the hope filled child in Anderson’s heart.

The new gossip going about the fight club will on two fights is about to start up in the summer.

Now how did this detention fight club start? Well it started with Austin and Budoff having a disagreement in a conference about who has to take over detention. So to make it through the day and to calm their nerves down they put this together.   

Talking again with Delara he has even more to say. “With being one of the best students in class, having this at the end of my day is the best thing.”

“When thinking about the weak person I used to be, I laugh because I am now a fragile little butterfly who has now spread my wings.

We even have some seniors that are going to skip college some are even rejecting Harvard, just to stay in the game. This fight club gives you perseverance and some good communication skills to last the students the rest of their lives. That is what I call a good use of time.