Parents Kick Out Their Kids


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Justice VanDyke, Staff Writer

According to recent studies, about 97% of parents tend to keep their kids around so that way they can do chores around the house that the parents hate or do not want to do.

Then the kids tend to get upset about all the chores they have to do and get mad at their parents while they explain how they feel like slaves.

That’s when the parents tell their slaves that they will kick them out of the house if they don’t behave. Some of them even follow through with it, and evict them out of the house thinking and hoping that the kid will come crawling back on their hands and knees and say, “Mommy, Daddy, please don’t kick me out of the house! I like it here!”

The children’s complaints of such abuse include the following: they mow the lawn when they are told to, they take the trash out because the parents don’t want to do it, and they also have to do their own laundry. Kids have it so hard, they never get to do what they want to do, like play video games, hangout with their friends, or take naps. It’s even worse for them when they get their driver’s license because then they have to go out and run errands for their parents, like pick up their annoying siblings from school, get milk, it just gets old. The teens need a break from all the hard work the parents give them.

Pests under the age of 18 also shouldn’t run away from their homes, because then it makes their parents look bad in front of the police and their friends. There really isn’t a good reason to run away from parents who are forced by law to take care of their child’s lazy butt. Be nice to them because they try very hard for their kids so that way they can have a successful life. Then take care of them when they’re old. Kids are their slaves when they grow up and get a job. The slaves will feed them, clothe them, and work for them as their slaves until they die and leave their slaves forever alone.

Parents probably shouldn’t kick their kids out of the house, because that method could backfire on them so fast. The weird child could take the parent seriously and just leave, instead of kissing their feet, begging for forgiveness. Then, the parents have to go through the humiliation of calling the cops and explaining why the thing left on it’s own through no fault of their own. Parents just need to keep their kids inside the house happy and fed so that way they think they love them, and will want to return the favor later in the future, by taking care of their parents.