Attempted Desk Assasinations

A Broken Desk

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A Broken Desk

Bailey Duplessis, Staff Writer

In the school year of 2018-19 the Haystack has found out that 200 desks break per year.

They have also found out the Wheat Ridge High School loses 200 students every year. The student rate is dropping steadily through the year. Every year it goes back to normal but by the end of the year, students are down five percent. The school is getting sloppy and students are catching on to what administration is up to.

Slowly throughout the year, your teachers, the administration, and the security guards are keeping track of certain students to make sure a certain one are the one that gets the desk. Some mornings before the certain student walks into class they loosen one of the bolts on the desk. You might be thinking “What if it happens to someone else” but that’s where you are wrong. After they leave class they switch out the desk so someone else doesn’t sit in it and right before the beginning of class the next day the come in they make the switch back.

Then that one special day you go and sit down and WAM! the desk falls on your legs and traps you there while you struggle for your life. You are being crushed, everyone is laughing at you. Even your math teacher has the menacing look on his face like he knew it was going to happen. Finally when you escape your math teacher looks at you and tells you “Oh yeah a screw fell out right before you came into class,” and that is when you knew that you were the chosen one.

Why don’t the teachers have to go through these things. Yeah they have to teach all day but they signed up for that when they accepted the job. Students are literally being picked off one by one and the teachers sit back and watch as their classes get smaller and smaller. The only advantage to the teachers are that they don’t have to grade as much. How to teachers live with themselves knowing that they are the cause for the downfall of students?

While talking to a survivor, who wanted to remain anonymous, of this desk assassination attempt about what happened to her she said, “I had bruise on my legs for a month and I strained my wrist trying to hold up the desk, so it didn’t crush my leg, while everyone just stood by, watched, and laughed at me. It’s time for revenge.”

So many students has had this happen to them over the years of being in class. Students need to rebel against these administrators doing this to their students. One way they could rebel is that students loosen every teacher’s desk in the school so everything falls off the desk and the teachers fall off of their chairs. Anything will do as long as the teachers feel the pain like we all did when they messed up our lives. Now go out there and make a name for yourself and stand up for your fellow students.