High School Tips Every Freshman Needs To Know

Madison Kime, Staff Writter

Becoming a high schooler is one of the most terrifying responsibilites ever.

You come from a middle school where everyone was way below average and still in their cringy stages of life. The first thing that you absolutely have to do is get rid of the Aeropostale shirts and weird pants. It is a war in high school, and you can’t be seen wearing that.

In high school there are cliques all throughout the school, like the guys who spend all their time playing sports and obsessing about it, and you have the girls who walk around with their Hydroflasks and if they don’t start their day with Dutchbros then don’t even bother talking to them. There is a group of kids who come to school just to ditch every class and run from security and others who do their homework that is due next week during lunch because they are just that busy. The last group of kids are those who smoke before school, during lunch, and after school. I’d recommend hanging out with the stoners, they all manage to graduate high school and get to be high the whole four years. It’s a win-win type of situation; you won’t remember absolutely nothing but you will walk across the stage.

As a high schooler, I personally know that procrastination is key. Under no circumstance should you do your work a week or even a couple days before the due date. Wait the night before and even maybe an hour before its due to actually do it. You have to have a sharp, talented, focused brain to be a successful procrastinator and if you aren’t successful at procrastinating then you are just straight lazy. As you wait to do your work last minute you retain more information and remember it better for the class because you didn’t do it right away and fill your brain up with other useless information.

Participating in class is a no no, a big no when you speak up in class, you end up just giving yourself a high chance to embarrass yourself. Embarrassing yourself in high school is now your worst nightmare, forget being afraid of dying, or losing a pet; this is now your new worst fear and well.. good luck if this fear ever come’s true. You will lose participation points, but it is better than speaking up in class and risking your whole high school career.

At Wheat Ridge, the Commons is the sacred place for kids to go when they decide on missing classes, as a freshman you’re accepted to ditch and miss classes so you will need to learn the commons very well. You will need to learn to hustle to the commons, never rush this hard to class, only to the commons to ditch. You have to get the perfect table, the one that is away from the sun, does not wobble, has minimal trash on it, and has somewhat clean chairs. And whatever you do, do not get caught by the big bad Mr. Izeta, the school’s dean.

The last tip I have for you is be late to class almost everyday. You are a freshman, which gives you the one-time opportunity to give every single teacher the excuse that you are late because you are a freshman and got lost in the big, new, scary building. Don’t worry about attending class; show up to class 40 minutes late and take the only chance you have to get away with it. Oh and, for the love of God, above all, do not act like a freshman! I know it’s hard not to chase your friends around the halls, be really loud, ask the obvious, and be weird, but this is the number-one high school survival tip, so start learning it now.