New School Admission Fee

These beautiful turnstiles show what ours may look like

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These beautiful turnstiles show what ours may look like

Viviana Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Starting next school year Wheat Ridge students will be charged an admission fee to come to school.

No more struggling to pay for an expensive parking pass. The school administration realized how inconvenient that is to high school students. March 3 they took a vote and decided there will be a small admission fee instead. Amazing news isn’t it? All you’ll have to pay as a student at Wheat Ridge High school to get in to the doors everyday is a small fee of 50 cents! No more struggling to save over $100 for a silly parking pass. As for teachers, they have to pay 25 cents every single day to get in, you get a worker’s discount!

This was set in place to make it easier for the students, the school board truly believes they have found a way to accommodate everyone. No more parking passes as long as you pay your daily 50 cent admissions fee.

The school is going ahead and setting up a Turnstile at the main entrance so the security doesn’t have to stand and watch who comes in to collect the money. It’s saving them time and energy. They are hoping it’s shows how efficient they are becoming.

They have received a few comments from those on the school board who disagreed in the convenience factor presented, thinking it’s more money in the long run, but the way they see it it’s just about the same as paying for a parking pass. It’s just presented differently to be a much more economic way of doing things here at the farm. They said one of the pros to this is that it might even cause kids to stop coming to school, great for the environment if some kids decide to stop coming everyday just to not pay.

In addition, the school will be hiring another dean next year to hand out weekly admission passes so students don’t have to bring those 50 cents every single day if they don’t want to! Students simply give the new dean your $3.50 and he/she will give them a weekly pass. Just swipe it through the Turnstile, and it lets each student right in! It should be a pretty easy thing.

Next year will be the year of efficiency here at Wheat Ridge, so get ready for an even better school experience. Let’s go Farmers!