JUUL Rooms are Welcome on the Farm

JUUL Rooms are Welcome on the Farm

Joshua Bailey, Rookie Reporter

Vaping and JUULs have become a sort of social norm in high schools across the United States. 

Even in foreign countries, they’re gaining popularity. Here in the U.S., we have fully embraced this trend by installing many JUUL rooms” throughout high schools. These JUUL rooms have become so popular that some kids haven’t found time to use the restroom, prompting them to sully the precious, vapor-filled rooms where we smack our devices.

This causes a major uproar, of course, from the Farm’s ultra-cool vapers. Who would do such a heinous act? Who would attempt to corrupt the scent that permeates our very essence?

Why not go find a restroom instead of defiling the JUUL room? Who is here to prevent such an atrocious crime? For this story I searched high and low to determine the cause behind this. By cooperating with our local school authorities, I found the answer. One such authority stated that they had seen a kid with a gray hoodie with black sleeves entering the JUUL room.

However, no dank clouds rose out from the door as the kid left, only the smell of urine and the sound of flushing water. Obviously this was suspicious. Only the wimpiest of swagsters would try to hide their clouds. A source of mine attempted to apprehend our urinator, and after a short chase, left our heroic friend deep in smog territory, and little to do other than return to their post. However, we do have some camera footage of our suspect leaving the door and entering a pale gray van.

This brings us one step closer to apprehending the “phantom leaker” and saving the Farm’s JUUL rooms from this horrible vandalism. Please, if you do see the phantom leaker, call 555-420-6969 or email us at [email protected].