Kibozi and his Posse is up to Something


Ecko Eddy, Rookie Reporter

“John Kibozi is the best highschool student to ever exist,” said choir director Ryan Plakours. Wheat Ridge High senior John Kibozi is part of something large. This something comes from the depths of the choir room. Choir kids seem to never do anything without the permission of Kibozi.

Getting permission from Kibozi involves taking part in rituals. Rituals consist of all of the choir members gathering and praising Kibozi. This mainly happens during their musical times or during the concerts that they have four times a year. During the ritual, they praise one class at a time starting with the freshmen. A National Geographic article on the phenomenon stated, “They all begin to weep at the thought of the seniors leaving and Kibozi moving on to college.”After the ritual, choi members hug as if nothing happened.

When they choir kids are around Kibozi they get habits similar to animals. These habits consist of a plethora of things, such as randomly yelling at one another as trying to intimidate them but instead they only want a hug. Or even like when one person starts to cry, they all begin to go down until one person makes a joke and turns the whole herd around. It really is interesting on how many people are on the same boat. This is as if they are all brain-washed onto the same path.

During this investigation this reporter began to see why people see Kibozi as an amazing singer and a great guy. Most of all his magnetic person that makes you want to praise him.

Tomorrow, meet this reporter in the choir room to help praise Kibozi, the choir god.