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Julles Marquez

Gossip Farm series premier poster

Nevaeh Valtierra, Co Editor-in-Chief

As you may have noticed, teen dramas have taken over TV.

Their popularity is a result of the perfectly relatable representation of today’s teenagers. According to edgyextremelyuniqueandhumble.com, teens are calling for more and more shows with teenage characters and plots.

Starting next school year, Wheat Ridge High School will become the set of a new reality, teen-drama called Gossip Farmer. Many students were surprised when the school installed new cameras in just about every hallway. Of course initial thoughts were “they’re for catching students letting other students in,” or “to keep students safe,” but no, they’re for filming!

When asked what she thought about the upcoming series on her school, junior Jolynn Lopez said, “I just really hope they can really capture what’s in teen dramas, things like incredibly long passing periods, extravagant breakfasts in the morning before school, rivalry between leather-clad greasers, students and teachers randomly breaking out into song, mysterious messages, clueless teachers, and flawless, twenty-year-old main characters.”

These things seem impossible to capture in such an ordinary high school, however, Wheat Ridge will be implementing new policies and rules to assure that the show will be a hit.
According to senior Viviana Gonzalez the extravagant breakfasts are already covered, “the extra three minutes they’ve added to our first period allow us to go to Dutch Bros and back, so it’s all good,” she said.

Next year our passing periods will expand to 30 minutes to allow us to hang out with friends or partake in any drama in the hallways or bathrooms. Some may use this to fight, makeout with their boyfriend/girlfriend, vape, or have “deep” convos and will do so without being disturbed by pesky teachers and rules.

Also starting next year, students don’t have to leave WR after senior year. If they’re too afraid to become adults and face the responsibilities of having to sell their soul to society to breathe actual air, they can choose to expand their high school experience. Forms will be available in the counseling office next week. You can stay an extra two years if you need to. This will help the show have characters who look more adult and less “pimply,” along with having a consistent cast.

Another heads up, Bluetooth speakers will be a required school supply for all students. “It’ll just be too hard to teach every student specific songs, especially with just one choir teacher,” said students can bring their own music and sing along to it in the hallways to give off that “High School Musical” vibe.

Production will start in August at the beginning of the school year. The time period of filming is unknown, the amount of juicy footage filmed will determine that. If you’re not interested in becoming a reality TV star then you can grab an opt-out form from your farmer time teacher, the editors will do their best to blur you out, unless they catch you starting drama, then they will pursue legal action to keep the rights of any footage worthy of the show.