Toy Story Falls down Generation Gap


Toy Story 4 movie poster.

Bella Pena, Website Editor


Are you a college student who cried over Toy Story?

Many people did cry over Toy Story and there’s the other heartless people who didn’t cry.  In many reviews, people have said, “Toy Story became a groundbreaking achievement in animated storytelling for a new generation.” Although many people found the sequel Toy Story 4 unnecessary, other people found it as the missing puzzle piece for the franchise. Many people have these different opinions on the movie because of the generation gap between them.

Many upperclassmen here at the Farm, grew up watching the Toy Story movies during their childhood. With the release of Toy Story 4, many of these nostalgic memories have come back. The movie made many people revisit the times of not worrying about many things and allowed people to start remembering the messages Pixar has been embedding into us. 

Wheat Ridge High School Junior, Elizabeth Fernandez said, “The movie did bring me to tears many times just because I grew up seeing the movies. It was heartbreaking to see the Toy Story movies come to an end.” 

    On the other hand, many students who didn’t grow up watching the Toy Story movies have many different opinions about the release of Toy Story 4. The majority of freshmen that were attempted to interview hadn’t even seen the movies, which shows that the generation gap is what makes the difference on how people view the movie Toy Story 4.  

Although many students have different perspectives about the movie Toy Story 4. Seeing that the generation gap between people is such an interesting thing to look at, what’s most important is having fun watching movies, discussing them with others, and basking in childhood nostalgia.