Fall Play Takes Lead in 2019 School Year

Trap Play poster.

Courtesy of Playscripts

Trap Play poster.

Joshua Bailey, Staff Writer

“An incomprehensible event: every person in the audience of a high school play falls unconscious–every person but one.”

The Wheat Ridge fall play this year is Trap by Stephen Gregg. “Trap” is formatted as a documentary, with a whopping 46 total roles. With an average time of about 80 minutes the play is chock full of suspense, adventure and even some paranormal events.

Set in a “Menachap, California high school,”where during a school play, the entire audience feints, except one. Using a combination of loved ones, witnesses, and first responders; the investigators unravel the mystery. As the investigation progresses, however, the investigators realize that something here isn’t right, something unnerving. Using a combination of inventiveness and spookiness, Stephen Gregg creates a symphony of a story that weaves together a roller coaster of emotions, guiding them into an ending of epic proportions.

Our theatre group here at Wheat Ridge are currently having a field day with the scripts, characters, and other theatrical bits and bobs. With 46 speaking roles, there’s going to be character overlap, which means costume changes and learning multiple characters, which is all the more hectic and all the more fun it seems for them.

With a deadline of Nov. 8 however, they still have plenty of time to rehearse and practice the show to blow your socks off. With all the effects and stage work as well, you can be sure there’s going to be some cool effects scattered about as well as some audience participation for good measure. The theatre group is putting on a showing of “Trap” by Stephen Gregg on November 8th and November 9th at 7:00 p.m both days, so be sure to head over and get yourself a ticket before they sell out!