Greta Thunberg Causes Public Outcry

Keally Peck, Rookie Reporter

Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old girl who is a climate change activist, left school in her hometown in Sweden when she was 15 years old and promised not to return until the world changed to become a better ecosystem.

She traveled to the United States to spread her beliefs on what should be done, and what we haven’t done to keep the world in a better state than it is in today. And once she arrived in the United States, she began to get a bunch of mixed signals from the public.

On Sept. 22, Thunberg made an emotional speech to the United Nations about how North America was neglecting how it treats its world, and to reduce everything that pollutes our world by using fewer fossil fuels in the world. President Donald Trump had tweeted on the video and said, “She seems like a very happy, young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!” This tweet led to a mixed response from the public.

After Trump’s tweet on Twitter, many people began to despise his response, stating how a little girl should not be treated like that. Dana Nuccitelli, a man who supports Thunberg, stated, “Our climate denier criminal-in-chief instead makes sarcastic comments while doing everything in his power to burn her future away.” 

Newsweek proved that Trump has questioned climate change science and sought to roll back environmental protections, as well as encouraged greater production in the fossil fuel industry. This means Trump has encouraged the fossil fuel industry, and wrote a sarcastic comment to Thunberg’s video, creating people to either start hating our president or hate him more than they already do.

However, there are some people who agreed with Trump’s comment or disapproved of Thunberg. Some didn’t even want to hear of climate change because they know how much it is affecting our world and economy. “What an actress!” the user, @Opinion8dKellie, tweeted adding, “I won’t be held hostage by someone who just got a learner’s permit. Sorry, kiddo!” 

Trump wrote in response: “Keep up the great work, Kellie!”. The event Thunberg had attended shows how she is without a script in her hands, and furthermore, makes even more people disapprove of Greta Thunberg and the people around her. Many people believe she spreads the bad news to the children of the new generation, and many people do not believe since she is still a minor. And, on top of that, without a script, she does not give as strong as a reason for changing our economy as she does with a script as the videos show.

Greta Thunberg has a mix of reactions from the U.S. nation, and people around the world. Some have changed for the better, some have grown to hate her, some do not even know she had existed until the United Nations speech. But she is still thriving to change the world for the better by being one of many to speak up about the problems with climate change, and taking the mixed reactions with pride, and will not give up until the world changes for the better.