The New ABC Song Strikes a Rage Across The Internet

Keally Peck, Rookie Reporter

On Oct. 25 of this year, a different version of the ABC song by Matt from Dream English Kids in 2010, became more aware to the internet when Noah Garfinkel on Twitter reposted the song, and said; “They changed the ABC song to clarify the LMNOP part, and it is life ruining.”

The tweet spread like a wildfire, gaining attention all around the US, and making many furious at the change because the song claims to be “easier” for the LMNOP part by changing it to just saying LMN, then OP, when most of us are used to the song being sung in the same pattern as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” rather than the song playing the same melody towards the end when V and W are said separately rather than in a group like the original song. However, what has Dream English to say about this?

The song was created in 2012 by Dream English Kids, but only began reaching news around the world in 2019. Dream English Kids has 2.26 million subscribers so far, and Matt, the owner of Dream English whose last name is unknown, stated that the idea for the altered alphabet song came from a book about teaching English to children.

“The book said that if you can find an ABC song with a slow L-M-N-O-P, it is very helpful for young learners to recognize each letter. As a musician and teacher, I decided to make my own version. That was about 10 years ago,” Matt wrote in The New York Times

His videos are being used to educate children around the world in classrooms. It is also stated how this song ruins the original, created all the way back in 1835, by messing up after the LMN  part in the original ABC song. Many are still wondering today if this song will be the ABC song of the future, and if many future generations to come with grow to used the new song and if the song we are used to will disappear for good.

Many people around the world have also used the song around the internet to spread the word, and/or to get more famous on social media. Many people on those certain videos, like kevonstage on both twitter and YouTube stated how he hates the new way the song is spoken, and others have also commented on how they cannot accept the song to be the future way kids learn their ABCs.