Ruben Fleischer Releases Zombieland: Double Tap


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Joshua Bailey, Staff Writer

ZombieLand: Double Tap released on Oct. 18, is a sequel to ZombieLand.

Which was released in 2009 and made over $60 million on release night, setting a new record for most money made on release night for zombie movies until
later in 2013. But what is ZombieLand? Zombie is a mix of comedy and thriller, as much as the latter is downplayed. With tons of punchlines and goofy occurrences, the first movie takes a funny twist on your standard zombie apocalypse thriller. As the movie continues, we meet a rather quiet college kid now named (Jesse Eisenberg)Columbus (every character names themselves after the cities of origin, to prevent attachment) travelling across the U.S. to get to his hopefully alive parents. He meets Tallahassee, and the two meet two sisters, Little Rock and Wichita. After some inter-character development, the four  begin road tripping together, and some story later, we’re at the sequel Double Tap.

ZombieLand: Double Tap picks up where the previous movie lets us off, the four heroes having a blast in the now-abandoned White House. Little Rock is a little more grown; she’s a teenager going through your standard angst phase. And so, when she leaves to find someone her age, she does so on her own and meets one: a peaceful hippie named Berkeley. Together they travel to Babylon, a peaceful civilization of hippies who melt guns into pendants.

As a new form of zombie emerges–one that is stronger faster and smarter than average zombies. these powerhouses storm Babylon in hordes, and it’s up to our four heroes and a monster truck to stop them. The movie also features Bill Murray, who was in the first film, once again in the end credits, fending off the beginning of the outbreak while promoting a third Garfield movie and even practicing coughing up a hairball as a joke.

I, personally, loved the movie. It had the same casual feel as the previous one, and the characters who’ve played by the same actors haven’t changed (aside from Abigail Breslin who played “Little Rock” who did a fantastic job of displaying this shift in character). While they’ve learned more about the zombies, even going as far as to categorizing them, the mega badass scenes of zombie massacre still have a place in my heart for their enjoyment factor. Even the final battle creates a feeling of fear as Tallahassee nearly perishes to the horde. And yet the ending is just as happy and go-lucky as the first. I enjoyed it just as much as the first. I would personally rate this film a solid 75%.