The Breakfast Club Remains Best 80’s Film

Bella Peña , Website Editor

Most ‘80s movies are cliche romantic movies where the outcast falls in love with someone out of their league and/or for someone who isn’t “meant” for them.

For instance, in the film Pretty in Pink made in 1986; Andie, an outcast in high school whose best friend is in love with her falls in love with a rich boy who’s out of her league. As she falls for him, she learns that it’s not easy dating someone from a different social sphere. In Sixteen Candles, Samantha’s family forgets that it’s her 16th birthday due to her sister’s wedding being on the same day. 

Now, which of the pletjora of ‘80s teen films is the greatest of them all? Liliana Sanchez, Junior from Prairie View High School said, “It has to be Heathers because I love the story and the dark humor it has.”  The Heathers movie is more on the dark side of things. It shows psychopathic tendencies and dark humor. In the movie, the protagonist Veronica creates a plan to get out of a certain clique, so she teams up with a dark sociopath in order to kill the popular kids. In the Heathers it covers school shootings, which is a sensitive topic to this generation today. In the ‘80’s it wasn’t such a big deal because these things didn’t happen as often, many people who first saw the movie when it came out laughed at the movie and saw it humorous. Now people who watch Heathers find it disturbing because it’s something that happens very often. 

Sixteen-year-old Alex Meza from Lincoln High School said, “Definitely Sixteen Candles because it’s romantic and funny, because a lower-class guy goes after her and she doesn’t want him and having her parents forget her 16th birthday is sad.” In the movie, Samantha’s family forgets about her sixteenth birthday due to her sister’s wedding being on the same day. 

The Breakfast Club would have to be my favorite ‘80s movie. It’s a very cliche movie, but the ending is amazing, how this odd group all become friends and they don’t judge each other because they all know each other’s stories. The group includes every person from each different clique in their high school. It’s also my favorite movie because it’s something I can relate to, how everyone is judged by how they present themselves but then they all end up getting to know each other and actually end up being friends. Most ‘80s movies sculpted the romantic movies today. They all have the same plot line and all have the same ending; the outcast girl/boy falls for the popular person and they end up falling for each other. 

Although I wasn’t born in the ‘80s, I have so much appreciation towards ‘80s movies. Even though most of the movies are cliche, I still enjoy watching them.