Impeachment Inquiry Against Donald Trump Progresses

Leo Humphrey

In the past few weeks, President Donald J. Trump has been accused of bribing Ukraine with support to try and get dirt on Joe Biden.

On Nov. 13th, the investigation on Trump was made public, giving us more and more access to testimonies, transcripts, and interviews. Since the publicity of the inquiry, most people are saying they want Donald Trump to be impeached and out of office leaving vice-president Mike Pence to take initiative, which is a whole other can of worms to open. Things aren’t looking good for president Trump.

Trump has been active on twitter for a long time. A few of his tweets consist of his accomplishments. He will often brag about his approval ratings and his peace treaty signed with North Korea. His approval ratings which are at this point in time, Nov. 18th, are at 40 percent and dropping. Trump often tweets at Democratic Nominees and other politicians, such as Chris Wallace, calling him “Nasty and Obnoxious,” previous presidents were civil for the most part while Trump will continue to lash out. Trump will also often bash people who disagree with him about “hating our country.” As soon as Democrats or anyone else gives  criticism on how our country has been treated, Trump fires up twitter to complain. The worst part about Trump’s criticism is that he’s hypocritical and it’s only okay for him and only him to say negative things about America.

Trump has many charges for sexual assault one even including a under age 13 year old girl. Although the evidence was lacking, there have been cases on Trump accepting help from Russia in the 2016 election. Even though Republicans find the fact that the whistle blower who first called trump out wants to remain anonymous for the time being suspicious, the fact that Trump even asked Ukraine to illegally investigate the Bidens in the first place is still the main issue. Some Republicans have tried to play it off like it was “just a joke.”

Trump is losing the support of his people and many doubt that his presidency will last long and the latest news states so. Most politicians not only on the Democrats side but even the republican side are wanting him gone. But if that’s going to be the case, then Pence will need to take order and that is something else to discuss for a different time.