New Finals Schedule


Sophomores in Kay Landon’s English class prepare for next week’s finals.

Jenna Martinez, Writer

With one last week left of the semester, all of the students are getting giddy with anticipation as winter break is coming closer with each passing school day. The dreams, sleeping in, traveling to another state or country, celebrating Christmas, skiing, and relaxing are soon to become true in the upcoming week. Until then, with great grief, we have finals. Going through this week as we manage to finish review packets, improve  bad grades, and study so we can relax for the next two weeks, it’s also important to note that we have a new finals schedule this year! 

Multiple years in the past, Wheat Ridge High School was able to see a consistent finals schedule, not changing until this year as students and teachers have grown accustomed to the old one. Involving holding periods one through four, the next day holding five through seven, and the final being available by appointment only for make-ups if one was absent. 

This year, administration and staff have introduced a new schedule, one that they hope will provide extra time for students to finish up those study packets and get any last-minute studying in. The new final schedule involves a series of changes, such as Farmer Time and snack time. This allows students to get a much needed brain break and refuel since we are getting out later compared to previous years, getting out at 12:15  instead of 11:00. 

This year, the finals schedule looks like the following: 

 DAY   1- December 18

Farmer Time      7:20 – 8:00

Period 5     8:05 – 9:20

Period 6       9:30 – 10:45

Period 7        10:55 – 12:10

Lunch & Dismissal  12:10

DAY   2- December 19

Period 1         7:20 – 8:35

Period 2          8:40 – 9:55

Snack Time 10:00-10:10

Period 3          10:15 – 11:30

Period 4          11:35 – 12:50

Lunch and Dismissal  12:50

Day 3- December 20

Finals Make-up

By appointment with your teachers only

The length of the classes recently became an hour and 15 minutes, different compared to the single hour we used to have. This allows us more time to wrap up tests and make sure we finish them on time. The request for more time was made by the Science and Math departments, the two departments often having longer tests that, at times, don’t meet the old one hour requirement, involving students to come in after dismissal and finish or come in on a Friday. 

While time is being put to good use in those two departments, other departments are using it for other things if their students finish early. Anita Hall, history teacher, plans on allowing her students to read, study for other finals, go over grades, and talk to about the overall semester. While other teachers, like Timothy Slater, an English teacher, plans on starting preparations for the next semester and allowing students to study or read as well. 

It is unclear whether or not the administration and teachers will continue this new finals schedule, finding out next year as administration here at the school will see how smoothly it goes. However, according to some teachers they only found out two weeks ago, while others have known since September. 

The thoughtfulness put into the new schedule is well liked among many teachers or they feel indifferent towards it. Teachers appreciate the time that students are given to prepare for tests during Farmer Time. However, teachers also sometimes hold the common belief that many students won’t show up for the extra study time. Many teachers have hope students will use this to their advantage and get a better grade on their finals. 

With winter break around the corner, final test guides coming out, and winter break nearing, it’s a good time to prepare for the finals and end the year with a good wrap. Good luck and end this year with a bang! The days of sleeping in and no school are coming soon.