Wheat Ridge High School’s All Girls Swim & Dive Team Makes a Splash


Bailey Duplessis

Wheat Ridge Girls Swim and Dive team circle up before starting their meet.

Bailey Duplessis, Sports Writer

Wheat Ridge High School girls swim and dive team had their first meet Friday, Dec. 6 at the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center against the Chatfield Chargers.

The Farmers had a good meet but fell to the Chargers, losing 180-381. The Farmers fought hard the whole time, and they were in it the whole time.

The meet started with everyone’s basic warm-ups, swimming laps or diving, and then the “Wheat Ridge” chant in the shallow side of the pool. The team was amped up and ready to swim. 

“I was a little nervous going into this meet, but I knew that it would be okay because I did dive last year,” said sophomore Kate Stahl, a diver for the Farmers. 

“I was so excited. I had the 100 free, which I had never swam in a race before and it made me feel like I could really do anything if I wanted it. I was a little nervous, but I usually am because I pressure myself from wanting to do good,” said sophomore Lucy Hardenberger, a swimmer for the Farmers.

The Farmers had a whole crowd around them to cheer them on while swimming. The positive cheers can make a team calm down and get into the mindset of a competitor. Even team members not racing or diving were at the end of the pool cheering their fellow swimmers on. 

The swim team and the dive team compete at different times, so swim starts then they break, go into a dive competition, and then they finish with more swimming. This meet the Farmers swim team had a couple of their top swimmers out for personal reasons, but they managed to always stay in the race without them. 

“I’m so proud of everyone. I know everyone’s working so hard and every personality adds to our team!” said Hardenberger on how her team competed without some of their top swimmers. 

Junior Thora Smith took first place in the 100 backstroke and following right behind her junior Kyle Drobny took third. Drobny also took second in the 200 freestyle. Senior Ellie Gothard took second in the 200 Individual Medley. Senior Abbie McAdams took second in the 50 freestyle. Closing up the top races, junior Sonnet Dryden finished second in the 100 breaststroke. 

The dive team had some crazy cool dives! They all knew how to control their bodies in the air to make the best flips, splashes, and forms. Everyone put in so much effort into performing to their best ability. Freshman Maria Carrasco was the top diver for the Farmers placing fourth. 

Everyone has their favorite things to perform. “I like front flips because they were the first one I learned and I don’t have to go in headfirst. I can do them reliably, said Stahl on her favorite dive. 

It is basic human nature to improve on how you perform. Stahl said she “wants to improve on my twisters and back dives. I’m scared of landing on my head, so I get scared and do the wrong dive. I also want to improve on my flips because I do them sideways.”

Overall both dive and swim crews did great at their first meet of the season. They performed even better at their second meet against Pomona High School on Dec 13, winning 320-144. Their next meet in on Dec. 20 at the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center. Hope to see you there. Have a great season, girls!