Brexit’s Secession Signifies a New Change

Joshua Bailey, Staff Writer

Brexit is the secession of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

This is due to occur officially Jan. 31. After what feels like a decade, the U.K.’s secession, which was voted on in June of 2016, now 4 years ago, is now in full force.

With the shift from being in the European Union to being its own separate entity there are many changes to come about, though from a surface level nothing changes in the U.K. Occuring on Jan. 31, Brexit is officially in progress. This is a period of trade talks and collaboration to ensure the U.K. has what it needs without the overhead of the E.U. This period will extend all the way towards June 30.

June 30 signifies the second “stage” of Brexit, with a summit to symbolize the completion of the hopefully completed trade talks with the E.U. During  this stage, however, if nothing is finalized, the E.U. and the U.K. could agree on an extension.

However, if all goes well for the U.K. and therein Boris Johnson who is Britain’s Prime Minister, the U.K and the E.U. should have trade deals sorted and prepared for said secession.

These trade deals include everything the U.K. will need to survive both this transition and on its own, including Power, medicines, and other miscellaneous supplies.

If, however, by June, the negotiations are not complete, then the U.K. is set to continue on without assistance from the E.U and its associates. This could create a rift within the now renewed relations between the U.K., the E.U. and other countries. The foundations of this new country rely on the relations it has with the E.U. and America and its colonies. This, combined with the fact that Brexit has cost the country 2.1 billion Pounds is especially concerning, what with the Brexit spending running more than the U.K.’s funding to the E.U.

This adds a great deal of stress both on the U.K.’s economy and their political position, and to say it will be a hectic set of months is an understatement. However, one can only hope that Boris Johnson pushes forward and reunites Britain as an independent nation.