“You” Are Going to Enjoy This Review

Jenna Martinez, Staff Writer

A Netflix original, You, recently hit social media in a form of memes as its popularity skyrocketed throughout the U.S. The T.V. thriller hit its debut Sept. 9, 2018, with the episodes all being released at once.

The show follows the plotline of Joe (Penn Badgley), a bookstore clerk, who meets Beck (Elizabeth Lail) by chance at the store, leading to Joe to become strongly infatuated with Beck, and ending up as  a stalker in an effort to win her heart and have a happily-ever-after. You has earned the title of a thriller from Joe’s stalking antics, but a romance from the relationship buildup that happens between him and Beck. The show being labeled as strange, but good by many, also had a wide mixture reviews.

Many people who have watched the show Netflix original show You can say that they discovered it through Tiktok, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram from memes that were posted onto the platforms. The most popular meme is  from the first season where Joe defends his stalking of Beck so he can “truly get to know” her. It has become a goldmine for jokes as multiple people continue to watch the show, with it having over forty million views since it’s release date.

I discovered the show back in Oct. of 2019 from scrolling through Tiktoks’ “For You” page, seeing one of the many memes viewers of the show had made. Curious as to what it was about, I opened Netflix not much later and added You to my list before watching the first few episodes.
I immediately grew to like the character Elizabeth Lail portrayed, fitting into a loving and nice character, but at times portrayed the same traits as Joe. What hooked me was the wonder of what would happen, and we see from the very beginning that a lot of things can go wrong and will go wrong. Seeing how it folds out in the thriller is what kept many of the viewers hooked. No one would suspect that he would kill Peach or Beck’s fling or the plot twists with his former ex girlfriend. It keeps you on the edge of your seat.

A review from Rotten Tomatoes came from the user Alberto Carlos had only good things to say about the thriller during its first season. Calling it an “addictive thriller that will undoubtedly give us a sinister view of these parties.” He also said that the Netflix Original series makes us question ourselves, sparking a train of thought that leads to curiosity and question if  “we have ever been a Joe.” 

Another review from Entertainment, by journalist Fiona Flynn, had a lot to say about the Netflix original series. Saying that “ ‘You’ gives a unique take on a stalker angle while also throwing a gigantic light on the way we conduct ourselves on social media and just how exposed we leave ourselves.” Flynn was also not afraid to voice her constructive criticism for the show, pointing out areas that the directors and screenwriters have to work on, saying that “the dialogue is really lacking at times, the characters are irritating and the plot is often unbelievable.” In the end, she described the series as a trashy thriller you would consume on a summer day. 

Overall, You, I think changed Netflix from its plot and writing. It’s known for how it shows romance, a thrill, and the darker sides of people in a way that makes viewers want to binge the show to find out what’s going to happen next. The memes are fun to look at and provide a pathway to what many consider to be a new look for Netflix. It’s a good show if you want to relax, as the second season recently came out and the third one will hopefully be out soon.