Coronavirus Outbreak Sends Wave of Panic

Leo Humphrey, Staff Writer

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has sent a wave of panic throughout multiple countries including the U.S.

The origins of which were first documented on Jan 22 of 2020 and was located in a  small Chinese market in Wuhan, where people would go and eat animals that aren’t commonly thought of as food, such as porcupine, hedgehogs, fox, snakes and many other animals. The Coronavirus is a zoonotic disease, meaning that it originates from animals and can spread through humans easily. This fact has left scientists unsure on how to start treating the highly contagious disease, as they don’t know what animal originally had the disease. Some symptoms consist of immense pain in the chest area, fatigue, fever, and loss of appetite. On the 24 of Jan. nearly 24 people were infected and killed by the virus on the 27th, 362 people had been killed. This just shows how quickly the virus has spread. As of Jan. 30, there have been five documented cases in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more that have gone undetected.

The media has been ideal to the public when it comes to informing them of the virus. Even though it’s better to let people know of this sickness, it has made some individuals say that it was China’s fault. Most were treating it as a joke, while others were outraged that China had some people selling illegal “food” items. China felt the pressure of being blamed for this epidemic, but it’s obvious that it isn’t all China’s fault considering that orchestrating anything between 1 billion people is nearly impossible. It’s a disease that the Chinese don’t gain anything from.This shows how ignorant some people can be in a panic thinking they are in the face of death. 

As of Feb. 6, 12 more cases have emerged in the U.S. One American woman from the cruise ship quarantine claims that the “uninfected should be let out before it is too late” and that it “wasn’t fair” that she was being kept there. 565 are dead and over 28,000 are infected in China alone. A cruise ship has been quarantined with ten cases emerging there. Tariffs have been cut from China due to the outbreak. Although these numbers are scary, the number of recoveries has serpast the death toll, these survivors were just lucky enough to toughen out the sickness, no treatment is currently available. Hopefully this means the virus is being contained to the best of our ability by our quarantines and giving medical professionals more time to find a cure scientist speculate alcohol could potentially help give the infected more time to live.