Super Bowl 54: The Story 50 Years in the Making


Courtesy of EA Sports Madden NFL

Mahomes’s Madden NFL 20 photo shoot

Cougar Mackley, Rookie Reporter

After 50 long years, the Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl Champions.

Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to a win, even though they were down 20-10 in the fourth quarter against the 49ers. There were many factors that played into the Chiefs season with Mahomes’ early-season  injury that looked like it could have been the end, and Mahomes being the Madden 20 cover athlete. If you aren’t familiar with the Madden curse, every year the person on the cover of the video game gets affected in some way whether it be an injury, off the field problems, decrease in production, and losing the Super Bowl. Seeing as Mahomes already got injured and the Super Bowl was up next for him, many were worried about how he would perform. Would he blow out the 49ers? Would it be a back and forth match up? Mahomes and the Chiefs came from behind in the 4th quarter and beat the Niners by 11, down just 10 minutes before.

The first quarter started off with an early field goal by the 49ers to take the early lead. The game was very slow in the first quarter with the first points coming from San Fran seven minutes in with a field goal. Kansas City took the rest of the quarter to drive down the field. At the goal line, Mahomes got hit hard. He got right back up like nothing happened. It was amazing. Then it was  fourth down, the Chiefs could either tie the game with a field goal or go for six. They handed it off to Damien Williams and then converted the fourth down. Mahomes caped off this spectacular drive with a rushing touchdown to take the early lead. The Score was Kansas City seven, San Francisco three.

The 49ers start the second quarter off with the ball and are using their rushing game early. Jimmy Garappalo starts to throw the ball and this would be the downfall of this Niners’ offense. Jimmy G got hit as he threw and it was picked off by cornerback Bashaud Breeland, the first turnover of the game. Mahomes and the Chiefs powerhouse offense drove down the field for three more points going up 10-3 on the Niners. But that would be the last points for the Chiefs for a while as San Fran went on a tear. Jimmy G handed the rock off play after play getting down to the 15-yard line. Throwing off his back foot and throwing off the Chiefs, the fullback Kyle Juszczyk caught the pass and got the Niners their first touchdown of the Super Bowl.

The third quarter starts again with a 49er field goal. Kansas City ball again and Mahomes fumbles, Chiefs fans around the world hearts drop. Unlike Cam Newton in Super Bowl 50, Mahomes recovers. His fumble recovery was all for nothing though as he throws an interception moments later. Now all hope looks gone. San Fran scores yet another touchdown. Now it looks over, 20-10 San Fran is leading. Then, like a made man, Mahomes goes on a rampage! Fighting for every yard like it’s his last. Making sure every pass is on point. Then a pass bounced off of Tyreek Hill’s head and it’s picked off. Now the game has gotta be over, no! Mahomes gets the ball back with seven minutes, down 10, with the world watching. He starts connecting dots left and right. One pass interference call later and the Chiefs are on the one yard line. Mahomes to Kelce, touchdown, 20-17, Kansas City is still down three. They get the ball back again and he’s selling these throws like they are hotcakes. One touchdown, 24-20, now KC is in the driver’s seat. How about one more. Kansas City wins 31-20 down by 10 with seven minutes left in the game. 

Unbelievable. 50 years and they did it. Congrats, Kansas City. Congrats Patrick Mahomes and the rest of the team. Head coach Andy Ried had finally cemented his legacy with a Super Bowl victory. After one of the best comebacks of all time, the Chiefs won the big one once again.