A Farm Rich In Summer Stories

Picture Courtesy of Cristian Ortega

Picture Courtesy of Cristian Ortega

By Michael Yeatts

“This summer, I went to a magic show in Las Vegas called Murry’s Magic Show … and I went to California. In California, I went to the beach, Sea World, and Disney Land. It was amazing.”

-Kasaundra Pribyl, senior

“(Over the summer) I went camping, rode my dirt bike, hiked, and hung out with my friends. That was pretty fun. This was, pretty much, the best summer I have ever had.”

-Vashon Avery Mason, senior

“I played softball all summer long. My summer was either practicing or playing the sport.”

-Victoria Sassolino, senior

“Over the summer, I got to plan my uncle’s wedding. I got to work with a lot of different people. It was just so much fun. … If I were to describe my summer in one word, I would describe it as awesome.”

-Olivia Bohanan, senior

“My friends and I made a car-box out of cardboard and went through a McDonald’s drive-through at midnight.”

-Levi Samora, junior

“I did 14 days backpacking in Wyoming’s Wind River Range with a group of ten people and we covered over eighty miles of land … I worked a summer camp with kids over at the YMCA.… I also did seven forteeners over the summer. …  I would describe my summer as unforgettable.”

-Mitchell Reinhart, senior

“This summer, my family and I visited my brother, who is studying abroad in London, and went on a Mediterranean cruise. We visited Southern Spain, Southern France and then went into Italy for a few days. It was just really enjoyable to learn about different cultures and see the old architecture and stuff. Also, the art and museums were just outstanding. I would describe the experience as enlightening.”

-Sean Gaouette, senior

“Over the summer I went to Germany and worked a lot. I went to Germany with the Wheat Ridge Jazz Band.”

-Amelia O’Leary, senior

“Over the summer, for my birthday, my girlfriend and I paid two hundred bucks a seat for tickets to go to Mayhem, which was really screwed up because we got some of the worst seats at the concert. We ended up going to the ticket booth to ask for our money back and a security guard ended up giving us back stage passes and press passes, which was very lucky. We got to go down to the tour buses and meet Rob Zombie. I thought I was going to pass out in happiness.”

-Tim Tush, sophomore

“I volunteered at Lutheran Medical Center, I wrote a book and published it, and I hung out with all my friends before they went to the army. It was a very, very busy summer, but it was very rewarding looking back at it, and I felt like I actually did something worthwhile that I will remember my whole life. It was a very, very good summer.”

-Sierra Freemyer, senior

“I went to Atlanta, Georgia and visited some family members and friends. I spent some time in the city and did a little sightseeing. It was nice to get out and be able to see the city this year.”

-Bruklin Womack, senior

“My favorite part of the summer was Poms practice! It kept me occupied and entertained throughout the whole summer. I was pretty freaked out to be a freshman, but being part of the team helped me become comfortable with it. I really got to bond with the team, and I truly learned what it is to be a part of Wheat Ridge.”

-Savannah Pride, freshman