Brigadoon Hits the Wheat Ridge Stage in Style

Bailey Duplessis, Sports Editor

Wheat Ridge High School puts on a spring musical every year.

This year they produced Brigadoon, a musical about a couple of Americans in Scotland who stumble across the magical and mysterious town of Brigadoon. This musical is not a very well-known play, unlike last year’s production of Cinderella, so this year is special. Since many people haven’t heard of it, people were intrigued to know what the premise was.

I personally loved the musical, the orchestra played beautifully and the music always fit the scene perfectly. Also, being able to see my friends in their perfect environment was great.  “I get to do the things I love the most,” said junior Hannah Echelmeier who played Maggie Anderson in Brigadoon. “I get to sing and dance,” she said with a big smile on her face. Echelmeier had multiple dance solos throughout the musical and they were amazing. 

The acting was incredible and the Scottish accents were amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. The adult humor was absolutely hilarious! My favorite one was when Jeff Douglas, performed by freshman Cam Irick, was asked if they had witches back home and he responds with, “Yes, but we just pronounce it differently.” If you aren’t old enough to understand, then the joke will go right over your head. But if you do, then you will think it is comedic

My favorite song was “The Love of My Life,” performed by the character Meg Brockie(Cassandra Hooper). It just felt targeted toward people that jump from person to person and always thinking that relationship will last forever saying they are “the real love of my life.” Hooper’s dancing and singing were absolutely amazing. Her humor, accent, and acting were all on point throughout the whole musical. 

Everyone was absolutely amazing! Junior Cade Gordon and senior Gabi Bolton-Casillas made their characters’ love feel so real like they were a real couple in real life. They both sang beautifully and the acting was just superb! 

Overall, this was an amazing production of Brigadoon and it was one of my personal favorites of the Wheat Ridge High School musicals I’ve seen in my three years as a Farmer. Great job everybody acting and an amazing job to all the crews who helped make this production run smoothly.