Democratic Nominees Gain Publicity During Election Year

Leo Humphrey, Staff Writer

Democratic Primaries are here and the candidates are getting mostly interested in the middle class and minority vote. Here are the top leading candidates and what they stand for.

Senator Sanders is a Democratic Socialist whose policies believe in more equality in our society while balancing our country’s current state. What is Democratic Socialism you ask? It’s a middle ground between capitalism and socialism. It is the belief that the government should be in more control of the big corporations and redistribute the wealth made by those corporations more evenly throughout the country. It doesn’t mean that social ranks would be completely eradicated. There would still be rich, middle class, and poor, but the wealth is more evenly distributed to a point where someone in the poor area would be able to afford a better standard of living than currently provided by capitalism.t. Sanders supports medicare for all, free college and university, and a raise in minimum wage to $15 instead of $7.25. On Super Tuesday, March  3, Sanders has fallen behind 69 delegates, with Joe Biden surging in the polls in the South, which brings us to our next candidate.

Former Vice President Joe Biden stands for giving the middle class a better standard of living like Sanders, but, instead of raising minimum wage, Biden wants to make housing much more affordable to the middle class and high-lower class. Biden’s appeal to minorities, specifically African Americans and people of color,  is very high. Many say it’s because he’s a familiar name, as he was Obama’s vice president. Fast forward to Super Tuesday and Biden has been surging in the polls in southern states like Texas. Even some northern states like Massachusetts are in favor of Biden. All hope is not lost for Sanders though in California, the biggest state in delegates, has been won by Sanders with a 34% lead. As for the rest of the nominees that have dropped out of the race, Pete Buttigieg, Mike Bloomberg, and Amy Klobuchar have all endorsed Joe Biden. As for Elizabeth Warren, she has also dropped out but has decided to not immediately endorse anyone as of March 13, leaving her game-changing decision for the future.  As of Mar. 13, Joe Biden seems to be the apparent winner for the democratic nomination, but if Warren endorses Sanders that could bring enough attention to Sanders and his policies that Bernie could end up on top instead of Joe Biden. Many Sanders supporters believe that Sanders and Warren always had a more mutual relationship, of course there are many who don’t believe that, Only time will tell.