Joe Mama Joke Nominated as the Funniest Joke in Human History

Lily Ives, Features Editor

Breaking news: the classic “joe mama” joke has been labeled as the funniest joke in human history by the Council of What is Funny.

If you are unaware of what this joke is, it goes something like this: person A asks person B if they know who Joe is. Person B, now confused, replies with “Who’s joe?” They are now caught in the funniest joke known to mankind. Person A delivers the punchline of “Joe mama”, which is a play off the term “your mom,” another timeless joke.

The Council of What is Funny met last week on March  12 in San Francisco to discuss the ever important question of what is the funniest joke. This council meets once every 100 years to decide the new taker of the title, with the previous title holder being a joke about the trials and tribulations of Prohibition. 

Quite a lot goes into deciding the new titleholder. They have to first create a list of the current most popular jokes to vote from. This list can range from 30 to only 5 jokes. The list for this meeting consisted of about 8 jokes, with the runner up to “joe mama” being the always enjoyable “are you going to shut up” joke, which plays out as person A asking person B if “they are going to?”, to which person B replies with “Going to what?” Person A then replies with “Going to shut up.” 

Councilmember Herbert Johnson stated, “I was torn up, mind, soul, and body, between these two jokes. I haven’t slept in weeks. They are both so very funny, and I truly love it when people use them in conversation, so deciding was very difficult, but ultimately, there is just something about “joe mama” that will always be completely hilarious to me.”

To celebrate this decision, people all over the globe have taken to reciting the joke to numerous people, so, go and tell it to one of your friends to celebrate. Tell it to everybody you see, they’ll love it and it will only make them happy.